Value Can Found in our Used Inventory


Value Can Found in our Used Inventory

In addition to new truck body sales and rentals, Anjer, Inc. offers a frequently updated inventory of used van bodies for sale. Among those currently available for purchase are two truck bodies with an overall length of 26 feet, each with an overhead door, translucent roof and a tie slat interior. Another used body has an overall length of 10 feet and features a translucent roof, plywood lining and two rows of E-Track.

Anjer gives the van bodies offered in its used inventory the attention needed to ensure that they’re operational and ready for the road. Anjer also offers the ability to install and customize the truck bodies if needed.

The used inventory of truck bodies at Anjer is constantly being updated. For up to the minute information on current inventory, please call an Anjer, Inc. representative. Used truck liftgates are also offered for sale and installation by Anjer. Necessary repairs have been made to these truck liftgates to ensure they are operational. Two Leyman LHS 2500 used truck liftgates are currently in stock, as well as one Leyman FLT 1850 Railgate.

All Anjer, Inc. inventory – new and used – comes from big trailer manufacturers across the country, including Morgan Truck Bodies. We only house reliable, sturdy, and durable inventory to offer to our customers at the best rates possible for truck bodies in PA.

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