A Soundtrack for the Road

Soundtrack for the Road

A Soundtrack for the Road

Anjer Trailer and Truck Body Sales doesn’t include a list of songs to play while you’re on the road in a truck bought or rented from Anjer, but here are a few suggestions for tunes that will make for a cool road trip – even without refrigerated trailers.

  • Six Days on the Road by Dave Dudley. In a voice full of coffee and cigarettes, Dudley sings of loneliness, highway patrolmen and the little white pills that keep him awake. Rock ‘n’ roll echoes drive it home.
  • The Girl on the Billboard by Del Reeves. A truck driver falls in love with a billboard painting of a beautiful – and scantily dressed – young woman and is emboldened to track down the artist in hopes of meeting the woman. The artist tells him she’s a fantasy and he makes off, leaving pieces of his heart scattered on the highway.
  • Me and Bobby McGee by Roger Miller. Kris Kristofferson wrote it and nearly everybody covered it, most famously Janis Joplin. Miller’s version was the first, though. It’s the story of a trucker who picks up a hitchhiker, who then leaves him.
  • On the Road Again by Willie Nelson. This song is all about Willie’s love for traveling and performing. Rolling Stone magazine named it one of the 500 greatest songs of all time.
  • Truck Driving Man by Terry Fell. Buck Owens sings harmony on this classic about, “Coffee and a jukebox: two things that keep a truck driver going.”
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