Custom Touches

Custom Touches

A surprising number of celebrities worked as truck drivers while waiting for fame to find them. Like Rock Hudson, Sean Connery, director James Cameron, and actor Liam Neeson. Mick Jagger never drove a truck, but a French photographer and fashion designer once likened him to a truck driver

Elvis Presley was a truck driver before he became the King. The hair style, long and combed back into a duck tail, was one he chose in imitation of the truck drivers of the time.

Of course, creativity and artful touches can be found on truck bodies in PA, including those that come from Anjer Trailer and Truck Body Sales

Anjer sells and rents 40 foot storage containers and 53-foot storage containers. Insulated storage containers are for sale, too. And they can all be customized. As owner Chris Manna said, “We offer our clients the facility of customizing the container as per their requirement.”

When it comes to truck and trailer bodies, the special touches can be more than special shelving. Options include custom paint and decal installation, special bumper configurations, interior and exterior lighting – including LED – and aerodynamic add-ons. “Options that set the standard,” as a Morgan spokesperson said.

Anjer has a four-bay shop that houses a full-service parts and service department. We sell Stahl bodies and are a Stahl parts dealer. We also handle liftgates and liftgate parts from all of the major liftgate manufacturers and we are one of the largest Morgan truck body dealers in the country.

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