Married Truckers

Married Truckers

Art was a truck driver for a meat packing plant, making his runs in the sort of truck body that Anjer Trailer and Truck Body Sales and Morgan Corporation put on the road.

Amanda worked at the meat packing plant, too. She was a security guard.

“With our combined wages, we couldn’t pay rent and bills, and also eat,” Amanda told Road King magazine recently.

This is how far we’ve come since the vanished days when the man of the family made enough money to support a stay-at-home wife and maybe a baby or two. Now barely seven percent of American households are supported by one spouse, according to the Population Reference Bureau.

Time to join forces in paying the bills. Welcome to the double-income economy.

So, Art started driving long-distance, and Amanda quit her job and came along with him. They earned more, cut living expenses and spent more time together. The next step? Amanda got her

Commercial Driver’s License. She’s “trucking” on her own.

“More women than ever are joining their husbands on the road,” Road King magazine noted. And Ellen Vole, vice president and CEO of Women in Trucking, added that, “The average female truck driver is 52-years-old. A lot of them have been home raising kids, but now their kids are grown.”

Anjer is proud to play a role in the American economy and in the lives of people like Art and Amanda. We are a trailer body dealer, we handle liftgate sales and truck body sales as well as rentals and we’ve been doing it for more than 43 years.

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