Rentals Offer Cost-Effective Options

Rentals Offer Cost-Effective Options

Looking for a cost-effective means of transporting or storing cargo? Look no further! Anjer Trailer and Truck Body Sales is more than a trailer body dealer. We rent a range of both storage and road trailers that are clean and durable and ready to meet your needs.

Anjer’s storage containers and trailers are available for rental in a variety of sizes and feature a variety of custom options. Once you’ve decided on the one that’s right for you, it can be delivered to your site quickly and at very competitive prices.

Both trailers and containers are available with various door options. Anjer also offers interior logistics such as etrack and shelving. We’ll even paint them any color you choose.

We offer the convenience of instant on-site storage without the expense of building with top-of-the-line storage trailers that are available in lengths ranging from 26 feet to 53 feet. They are all dock-level, heavy-duty units made from steel or aluminum that can be equipped with either swing or overhead lockable doors and aluminum or translucent roofs. And, of course, they offer protection from wind and rain. They feature hardwood floors that are supported by steel crossmembers to safely accommodate forklift pallet loading

Our van and flatbed trailers are licensed and DOT-inspected. They come in lengths ranging from 28 feet to 53 feet and are also equipped with either swing or overhead doors and aluminum or translucent roofs.

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