The Anjer Lines

Aluminum sheet

The Anjer Lines

Morgan Corporation products are the most visible of the lines Anjer Trailer and Truck Body Sales offers. These include:

  • Aluminum sheet and post design, which customers have come to rely on as the “standard post design.”
  • Morganplate, an environmentally friendly dry freight truck known for its “rivet free design.”
  • FRP. This one is of fiberglass reinforced plywood. It’s great for graphics, as its fans know, and resists scratches and dents.
  • Curtainside. This one offers weather protection plus access to cargo, and the open cargo area makes it easy “to maximize payload.” That means load it to the roof.
  • Anjer also proudly carries other equally solid commercial lines.

    Strick Trailers in Monroe, Indiana offers a line of dry trailers – sometimes called dry freight trucks – for sale. A visit to this trailer body company’s web site reveals that Strick is happy to elaborate on Anjer’s claim to customize the product “as per the customer’s requirement.” Displayed on the site are “a trailer for hauling golf carts,” a “Post Office trailer” and a “trailer for carrying paper rolls.” Potential customers seeking other adaptations are invited to ask.

    Stahl out of Wooster, Ohio, offers its exclusive “lock bolt” construction with mobile cranes – a favorite of utility companies. Anjer is a fully equipped Stahl parts dealer.

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