The Morgan Connection

The Morgan Connection

Chris Manna, owner of Anjer Trailer and Truck Body Sales serves as a member of the Distribution Advisory Council of Morgan Truck Body LLC in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. Anjer, headquartered in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, is one of the largest Morgan truck bodies distributors in the United States. They are also a trailer body dealer.

“Council members, who represent all distribution regions across the United States, provide support and serve as mentors to other distributors in their areas,” a Morgan Truck Bodies spokesperson stated. “They also review market data and offer sales perspective from the distributors’ point of view, provide customer feedback, and aid in Morgan Corporation’s strategic planning initiatives.”

Looking for a dry freight truck body? Morgan offers box trucks, delivery trucks and vans, as well as dry freight trucks up to 28 feet. Many are equipped with truck liftgates, a motorized platform on the back of the truck. Liftgate sales – and liftgate parts – are available here, as well as 53-foot storage containers.

Need refrigerated trailers? Morgan offers refrigerated truck bodies with temperature control.

Morgan – and Anjer – customers know that Morgan truck bodies come with a range of options to enhance performance, including cargo restraint systems, shelving and rack systems and LED sealed clearance lights.

Appearance is not neglected. With Anjer’s assistance, Morgan has introduced bumpers in various configurations, rear finish options and aerodynamic add-ons.

Morgan’s line also includes heavy-bodied crane trucks and service vehicles like those the utilities depend upon.

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