Trucker Lingo

Trucker Lingo

Anjer, Inc. of Bensalem, Pennsylvania, is a family-owned trailer body company that has been selling dry freight trucks, refrigerated trailers, 40 foot storage containers, truck liftgates and more for well over 43 years. They also offer storage containers for sale in NJ.

Many of our customers remember the days when trucker slang worked its way into everyday conversation. Remember “good buddy” from the mid-’70s? Or “Smokey Bear” – sometimes just “bear” – based on those wide-brimmed hats state troopers wear? These terms had a surge in popularity thanks to the 1975 hit song “Convoy.” A couple of years later truckers – and trucker lingo – got another boost from those “Smokey and the Bandit” films about trucking bootleg beer.

Know what a “reefer driver” is? No, it’s not an overage hippie who’s found his calling. It’s trucker slang for someone who drives a refrigerated truck.

Another trucker term, though one that seems to have stayed within the profession, is “bull wagon,” which, like “reefer driver,” isn’t quite what you first think. It’s a truck and trailer hauling livestock. And “four-wheeler” is just a passenger vehicle.

Anjer Trailer and Truck Body Sales is an industry-respected, family-owned business with more than four decades of experience. We specialize in selling and servicing equipment for the transportation industry. We represent Strick, Contral, and Evans trailers selling new and used flatbed, dry and refrigerated trailers. We sell Stahl bodies and are a Stahl parts dealer as well.

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