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In the bustling city of Philadelphia, the logistics and transport industry plays a crucial role in maintaining the dynamism of business operations. With a surging demand in the transportation sector, the liftgate becomes an indispensable tool for efficient cargo handling. Whether you're looking for dependable liftgate parts or top-of-the-line equipment, ANJER Inc. has got you covered!

Freight companies have a lot of problems to solve in their work. For example, their job depends on their ability to transport goods as quickly and safely as possible from one place to another. Power liftgates are beneficial for businesses like these because they can increase the efficiency and safety of their operation.

Liftgates can wear down with time and rigorous use. To continue performing well, they require routine maintenance and repairs. Sometimes, there’s no choice but to have your liftgate serviced or even repaired by a professional. To ensure your liftgate is ready for work, skip the aftermarket parts and head straight for the OEM liftgate manufacturer parts. At Anjer Inc., we’re proud to carry and install liftgate parts from the top liftgate manufacturers in the industry. Here, we’ll discuss the top liftgate manufacturers and what each of them has to offer.