Shipping Container Delivery Tips to Keep in Mind

Shipping Container Delivery Tips to Keep in Mind

Preparation is key in ensuring the smooth delivery of your shipping containers. Whether you’re delivering inventory for a business or moving personal items into storage, shipping containers are a secure method of transportation. Truck drivers can make delivery a breeze, as long as the delivery area is ready for them. Does the final destination have enough space to receive the shipping container? When the shipping container is dropped off, which way should the doors face? Is the drop-off site level? These are all important questions you and your drivers should consider before ordering your storage trailer rental from our Philadelphia shop. 

Does the Driver Know the Exact Location of the Drop-Off?

If the driver doesn’t know the exact location of the drop-off, your delivery will be held up as a result. When speaking to the truck driver, be as specific as possible in communicating the location of the delivery. Always have your phone on you when the shipment is close to the delivery site in case the driver has any questions. If possible, you should be at the drop-off location to receive the shipping container. 

Do You Have Enough Space for Your Shipping Container?

One of the most important things to consider before having a shipping container delivered is whether you have adequate space reserved. The driver needs enough space to recline the container, pull out the truck bed from underneath the container, and turn around if needed. That means the available space should be the length of the container plus the length of the truck trailer, and have extra space for maneuvering the vehicle. For example, if your 40’ shipping container is being delivered on a 60’ trailer, at the very minimum, you’ll need 100’ of delivery room. 

Which Way Should the Shipping Container Doors Face?

If you’re having a shipping container delivered, you want to make sure you have easy access to it. Whether you’re loading or unloading equipment, furniture, or other items, you need to be able to get in and out of the container comfortably. To ensure this, the driver must know which way to load the container beforehand, whether the container doors face the rear or the cab.

If the container doors face the rear, they are near the edge of the trailer bed, and the doors will touch the ground first when the shipment is unloaded. If the container doors face the cab, meaning they are near the front of the truck, the doors will touch ground last when the shipment is unloaded. 

Is the Drop-Off Site Level?

No matter where you are having your shipment delivered, the ground it sits on should be level. This allows for the easy manipulation of the doors. If the drop-off surface is not level, let your drivers know beforehand so they can discuss a beneficial solution for you. 

Now that you know what a successful delivery of a shipping container entails, is your site ready to receive its shipment? If so, call Anjer for all your trailer, container, and Maxon liftgate part needs in Philadelphia County

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