Storage Container Care Tips From ANJER

Storage Container Care Tips From ANJER

Storage containers offer a plethora of applications and require very little maintenance. However, if you have plans to keep your container working for years to come, then follow the tips below to keep your container in a top-notch condition and enable it to store and secure your goods as long as required.

  • The ground should be as level as possible:


The ground you choose to place your container should be level. Uneven ground will eventually result in you having difficulty in opening and closing the doors.

A solid, level surface leaves little space for mud to seep in and soften the ground which then tilts the container to one side or another. Level ground also ensures goods in the container are equally distributed on the floor.

  • Keep it dry:


Most containers have vents drilled in the walls to facilitate air ventilation and prevent moisture build-up.

You may also want to take the extra step of using desiccant—packs of calcium chloride crystals that remove moisture from surrounding air. The packs can be placed inside the container slong the interior side walls. Be aware, desiccant needs to be replaced from time to time to keep the container dry.

Finally, if time allows, a storage container should be aired out on a semi-regular basis. If you are able, open the container once a week to allow fresh air in.

  • The doors and locks should work properly:


Try to keep the door hinges and locks as clean and rust-free as possible. Any branded cleaner can do the cleaning job. As for the smooth opening and closing of the doors, apply sprays such as WD-40 for lubrication purposes.

Regular maintenance on your container pays off in the long run. Keep the above three considerations in mind and apply accordingly to keep your container in good shape!

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