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Liftgates are a very important product for many different industries, and Anjer has only the best liftgates for sale. They can be installed on the back of trailers, truck bodies, cargo vans, and pick-up trucks. They allow products to be loaded and unloaded from the vehicle with ease and in a safe manner. In many cases, the use of liftgates prevents injuries from drivers and dock workers having to manually load/unload products. 

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Over the years, the liftgate market has changed dramatically and has become very innovative. Product models and features are constantly being updated with new features. In fact, one of the newest and most popular features is the ability to have your liftgate galvanized. Many liftgate companies have made this the standard option. The galvanized process places a nicer finish on the liftgates and eliminates rusted areas caused by peeling paint. It also assists in extending the life of a liftgate in geographic areas where there are harsh winters. Even though salt and road chemicals have a negative effect on liftgates, the galvanized process protects the equipment and minimizes the damage. 

Anjer has all brands of high-quality liftgates for sale! We also offer liftgate and trailer services in the following counties: Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Philadelphia, Mercer, Lehigh, Northampton, Delaware, Ocean, Atlantic, Cumberland, Camden, Burlington, Salem, Cape May, Gloucester, Monmouth, Kent, New Castle, and Sussex.

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From Tuckaway Liftgates to Railgates, Anjer Carries Them All!

You don’t have to travel from one seller to another to compare liftgate brands and models. Our impressive inventory has it all! If you’re searching for Maxon, Waltco, Palfinger, or another high-quality brand, head to Anjer to browse available models and features. 

  • Tuckaway liftgates are mounted underneath a trailer or truck body. They are one of the most popular liftgates models and range in lifting capacity from 2000lbs to 5000lbs. Platforms can be acquired in either steel or aluminum. The ability to store the gate underneath the truck when not in use can be very convenient and highly sought-after for some customers. 
  • Cantilever liftgates are mounted underneath truck bodies, very similar to tuckaway liftgate installations. They are available with very deep platforms, which enable them to hold more products. Cantilever liftgates for sale have capacities ranging from 2200lbs to 6600lbs with steel or aluminum platforms. This is the perfect option for companies that deliver heavy loads on a regular basis. 
  • Pick-up truck liftgates are very popular for light-duty applications. They can fit on most make and model pick-up trucks.  They are available for sale in 1000lb – 1600lb capacities with a steel or aluminum platform.
  • Railgates, another very popular model in liftgates, are mounted on the rear frame of a truck body or trailer. They can lift greater capacity products than a tuckaway liftgate, with lifting capacity ranging from 1500lbs to 6600lbs, and they can be purchased with either steel or aluminum platforms.

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Anjer has all make and model liftgates for sale throughout the country. No matter what brands you’re looking for, you can easily find them available at affordable prices right here! We also perform installations and services using Palfinger, Waltco, Thieman, and Maxon liftgate parts, plus more!

Our service area covers Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Philadelphia, Mercer, Lehigh, Northampton, Delaware, Ocean, Atlantic, Cumberland, Camden, Burlington, Salem, Cape May, Gloucester, Monmouth, Kent, New Castle, and Sussex Counties

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Liftgates aren’t our only specialty! We also carry new and used trailers and storage containers for sale. Everything has been inspected by our professional experts for your safety and convenience. 

Not interested in purchasing a new trailer or truck body? No problem! Inquire about our liftgate, container, or trailer rentals. We offer great rental options at even greater rental prices. Call us today!


    Liftgate that rests neatly under the rear of the body that combines strength with versatility.


    Liftgate with very large platforms with a weight capacity up to 6600 lbs. Ideal for above-bed lifting.


    Liftgate that is light in weight, ideal for pickups, walk-ins and other class III trucks.

    Used Inventory

    Click below to see the list of used liftgates in Anjer’s current inventory.


    Liftgate that rests in the upright position with a weight capacity of 1300 lbs. on cargo vans & up to 6000 lbs. on larger van bodies.