4 Benefits of a Power Liftgate

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4 Benefits of a Power Liftgate

Freight companies have a lot of problems to solve in their work. For example, their job depends on their ability to transport goods as quickly and safely as possible from one place to another. Power liftgates are beneficial for businesses like these because they can increase the efficiency and safety of their operation.

Many trucking companies have begun to take advantage of power liftgates to improve outcomes in their businesses. Here are a few of the most significant benefits you can receive from utilizing power liftgate systems:

Increased Safety

Power liftgates are great tools for minimizing the risk to workers because they remove a lot of the heavy lifting that comes with hauling freight. More than a simply added convenience, having a power liftgate attached to the rear bumper will enable workers to load the trucks without the need for additional equipment or unsafe labor practices.

Power liftgates essentially operate as an elevator for freight, with the workers loading the system with whatever they need to haul into the truck and then having the machine do the work for them. 

Increased Efficiency

When it comes to hauling freight, real estate comes at a premium, so any tool that minimizes the need for additional equipment is always a worthwhile investment. In this way, a power liftgate is beneficial for business because it removes the necessity for a truck to carry extra equipment for loading and unloading heavy freight.

If you opt for a power liftgate that has a crucial fob feature, then you not only have the added convenience of being able to open and close your liftgate hands-free but also can utilize that convenience to coordinate other aspects of the process.

Safer Transportation

It may not be entirely clear how a power liftgate can increase the safety of your business’s hauling beyond minimizing worker injuries. However, a power liftgate is beneficial for your business in this way by reducing the risk of a spill from the back of your truck while in transit.

When you close a power liftgate, the platform generally used for lifting freight during the loading and unloading process is set up in such a way that it will catch anything that may slide out if the door should open. In most cases, this is only a hypothetical scenario, but if a human error does occur and the doors open in the course of transit, then it’s better to have a safe-guard than have to explain why a shipment was lost or damaged.

Better Insurance Rates

Unless you work in the industry, it might be hard to understand how investing in a power liftgate will help your business’s insurance rates. However, as noted previously, a power liftgate comes with many benefits that end up making your business operations safer, and with reduced risk comes a positive impact on your insurance rates. 

To find out more about how a power liftgate can be beneficial for your business or view liftgates for sale, call the Anjer Inc team today!

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