Tuckaway vs. Conventional: Which Liftgate is Right for You?

Tuckaway vs. Conventional: Which Liftgate is Right for You?

Picking out what liftgate to use for your truck or trailer is not an easy task. With there being so many different options, it’s very easy to get analysis paralysis. Luckily, at Anjer Inc., we are here to help by dissecting and comparing two of the most popular liftgate options, conventional and tuckaway.

The Conventional Option

Conventional liftgates are the original and traditional choice for your freighting needs.

Conventional liftgates:

  • Can be used on both trucks and trailers
  • Come in a variety of sizes to fit the majority of vehicles.
  • Are designed for general freight loading needs
  • Are installed to function (or at least be flushed with) the door or tailgate
  • Are on the more affordable end of the liftgate options

If you need something that functions as a jack-of-all-trades liftgate without breaking the bank, conventional options are your best bet. They work like a charm for most general situations and are among the most common styles that we come across. We come across many conventional liftgates for sale in Bucks County and the neighboring counties, so access to this style is plentiful.

The Tuckaway Option

Tuckaway liftgates are sleek, foldable, and extremely popular for many of our customers.

Tuckaway Liftgates:

  • Fold multiple times to be stored under truck or trailer bed
  • Give easy access to the loading dock without moving the liftgate
  • Require bending over to unfold and use the liftgate
  • Are typically useful for smaller, less heavy loads
  • Can have additional features added to them to make them function better for your different needs

Tuckaway liftgates, in general, are more consumer-friendly, as they are perfect for smaller sized loading docks and vehicles. However, the more features you add to them for a variety of different tasks, the more expensive they get.

So, What’s the takeaway?

Both conventional and tuckaway liftgates are amazing in their own right. In reality, you can probably use either of them to complete your freighting work. The choice between the two is mostly about preferences involving aesthetics and functionality. If you require a more generalized, jack-of-all-trades liftgate that can function as a door for your loading deck, then conventional is perhaps your best bet. However, tuckaway liftgates are easily stowed, minimalistic, and perfect for smaller loads. While conventional ones can, by default, carry a more extensive array of capability in load sizes, tuckaway ones can be altered and given more features to allow the same level of functionality at an extra financial cost. 

The main things to consider when choosing a liftgate are budget, usage, and size. We offer a wide variety of liftgates for sale in Montgomery County and all of Southeastern Pennsylvania and are here to help you make this decision. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact us today!

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