Where to Find Liftgate Parts in Philadelphia? | ANJER, Inc.

Items on a pickup truck liftgate.

Where to Find Liftgate Parts in Philadelphia? | ANJER, Inc.

In the bustling city of Philadelphia, the logistics and transport industry plays a crucial role in maintaining the dynamism of business operations. With a surging demand in the transportation sector, the liftgate becomes an indispensable tool for efficient cargo handling. Whether you’re looking for dependable liftgate parts or top-of-the-line equipment, ANJER Inc. has got you covered!

We Deliver Directly to Your Shop!

In the realm of service excellence, ANJER Inc. prides itself on not just providing premium liftgate parts, but also ensuring timely and reliable delivery straight to your door. Whether it’s OE parts, power units, or remote controls, we understand that timely access to essential equipment ensures seamless operations for your business.

The Widest Selection of Liftgate Parts For All the Major Manufacturers

Liftgate parts aren’t just a product; they’re the backbone of safe and efficient operations. Recognizing this, ANJER Inc. stocks a comprehensive range of parts from renowned manufacturers, including valves, cylinders, switches, solenoids, and even specific parts for brands like Anthony Liftgates.

For those on the hunt for particular part numbers, our inventory is unmatched. We’re a trusted source for both stock and special ordered components, so if you’re struggling to find a specific item, you can be assured we have it, or we’ll get it for you. Plus, our array doesn’t stop at liftgate parts. We are also a dependable supplier of other essential equipment.

With our vast stock, locating OE parts or unique part numbers becomes a breeze. From valves, cylinders to switches and solenoids, rest assured that whatever you require is readily available.

Buy Liftgate Parts Now at ANJER, Inc.

For businesses and fleet managers, downtime isn’t just inconvenient – it’s costly. Ensuring your liftgates are always in top-notch condition means having access to the right parts at the right time. ANJER Inc. is not only your go-to source for liftgate parts but also the assurance that you’re investing in quality, safety, and reliability.

You don’t have to take our word for it, click on our page of available liftgate parts here. Additionally, if your liftgate requires a professional touch, our service department is always ready to assist. Our team of experts is equipped to tackle any challenge, ensuring your liftgate stays operational and safe.

Safety First with ANJER Inc.

Safety is the cornerstone of our business. With every product, from liftgate parts to power units and remote controls, we ensure a stringent quality check. Be it solenoids, motors, or hydraulics, every piece of equipment we sell comes directly from the original liftgate manufacturer and not some third-party seller.

Reaching Out to ANJER Inc.

ANJER Inc. stands as a pillar of trust and reliability in Philadelphia for all your liftgate-related needs. With our extensive range of liftgate parts, dedicated service team, and commitment to safety, we aim to provide an unmatched experience to our customers.

So, if you’re in Philadelphia and are on the lookout for liftgate parts or any related equipment, don’t hesitate. Contact us today, and let us serve you with the professionalism and expertise that ANJER Inc. is renowned for. Your success and safety are our utmost priorities. Reach out now, and let’s drive your business forward together!


Which of the following are liftgate safety rules that you should follow?

At ANJER, Inc., safety is a top priority when dealing with liftgate operations. Some essential liftgate safety rules to adhere to include:

1. Always check the liftgate for any visible damage or wear before use.
2. Ensure the area around the liftgate is clear of obstructions and people before operating.
3. Always use the liftgate within its specified weight capacity.
4. Engage safety mechanisms, such as locks or straps, when the liftgate is not in use.
5. Regularly service and maintain the liftgate to ensure its efficient and safe operation.

Contact ANJER, Inc. for professional service and maintenance support.

What is the difference between a tailgate and a liftgate?

A tailgate is a hinged gate or door at the back of a vehicle, particularly trucks, that can be moved up or down manually. It primarily facilitates easier loading and unloading. On the other hand, a liftgate is a mechanized platform attached to the back of a truck or van, designed to raise or lower cargo from the ground to the vehicle’s bed. ANJER, Inc. specializes in providing top-quality liftgates and associated parts for efficient cargo handling.

What is the lift capacity of a liftgate?

The lift capacity of a liftgate varies depending on the make and model. Typically, liftgates can have capacities ranging from 500 pounds to as much as 10,000 pounds. For specific liftgate capacities, especially those available at ANJER, Inc., it’s best to refer to the product specifications or contact our knowledgeable team for detailed information.

Who makes the best liftgate?

Several manufacturers produce high-quality liftgates. However, at ANJER, Inc., we believe in providing our customers with the best of the best. Brands like Anthony Liftgates, Maxon, Tommy Gate, and others, are renowned for their durability, safety features, and efficiency. Our wide selection ensures that customers find a liftgate that perfectly matches their requirements.

What is the max length for a liftgate?

The maximum length of a liftgate typically ranges between 6 to 8 feet, although some specialized models can be longer. The best way to determine the ideal length for your specific needs is to consult with ANJER, Inc.’s team, who can provide expert guidance and solutions tailored to your operations.

What is a tuck under liftgate?

A tuck under liftgate is a type of liftgate that, when not in use, tucks and folds under the rear of the truck. This design allows for clear access to the cargo space without removing or operating the liftgate. ANJER, Inc. offers a variety of tuck under liftgates that combine efficiency with space-saving design.

How much is a new liftgate?

The cost of a new liftgate varies based on its type, capacity, brand, and features. At ANJER, Inc., we have a range of liftgates to suit various budgets and requirements. To get an accurate quote or to explore the options available, we encourage you to contact our sales team, who can provide detailed pricing and product information.

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