Commercial Trailer Trends for 2023

A dry freight trailer is being hauled down the road.

Commercial Trailer Trends for 2023

As times continue to change because of technology, the economy, current events, and other important factors, trends will come and go. This holds true for many industries, especially the trailer manufacturing industry. If you’re preparing to purchase a commercial trailer or are interested in learning more about what’s going on in the industry, let’s take a look at some trailer trends for 2023.

Trailer Trends in 2022

To understand what trailer trends will be like in 2023, let’s start with background information from the previous years for some context. Ever since 2020, it’s become more challenging for manufacturers to obtain the necessary materials and components required to construct trailers due to supply chain shortages. Not to mention, the pandemic forced many production facilities to shut their operations down, worsening the issue further. In addition, shortages in commercial trailer supply chains have made it harder to find parts for repairs as well.

Although order numbers for trailers commonly decline during the summer months of the year, 2022 was a different story. OEMs were unable to make trailers fast enough to meet demands and ended up placing limitations on how many orders they were willing to accept. In turn, there was a significant upward trend in orders between September and October of 2022 — especially in comparison to the previous year.

Anticipated Trailer Trends in 2023

So, what are the expected trailer trends for 2023 shaping up to be? While certainly not ideal, the situation has been improving somewhat over the year before. Although they are still a challenge for the industry, the commercial trailer supply chain constraints have been improving, and manufacturers are becoming more willing to accept orders. However, the demand for trailers is still incredibly strong. High backlogs for trailer orders continue to extend into 2023, and OEMs still have a substantial amount of commitments they must meet while also continuing to arrange new fleets.

With inflation reaching highs in recent times, it’s also worth considering how the economy might influence coming trailer trends. Though the trailer and truck industries may not be hit nearly as hard by inflation as other sectors, fuel prices certainly have been. This has, in turn, led to customers wanting more fuel efficiency features in their trailers in order to save money. Additionally, the war in Ukraine and its developments may also influence fuel prices and, by extension, the trailer manufacturing industry. In a nutshell, while the economy may not directly affect trailer purchases, it will still tangentially have an impact.

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