What to Look For When Buying a Used Trailer

What to Look For When Buying a Used Trailer

Here at Anjer Inc., we have hundreds of trailer models to choose from if you are looking to buy a used trailer in Philadelphia County.

But where do you begin once you’ve decided to purchase a used trailer? When looking for one, there are several factors to consider. Buying a used trailer can save money, but purchasing the wrong used trailer can cost you time and money. It is important to thoroughly understand the multiple aspects of a trailer before making a purchase. By asking the right questions and carefully inspecting a used trailer, you can make an informed decision about your potential purchase.

Whether you are looking for storage containers for sale or a used trailer, Anjer has an extensive inventory of products to meet your needs.

Our team has compiled sage advice so that you can easily access useful information about purchasing a used trailer.

Check the Trailer Floor

One of the most critical aspects of determining the quality of a used trailer is the condition of the floor. Often overlooked, a trailer’s floor is integral to the integrity of the unit. 

Make sure you inspect the floor of the trailer to check that it is stable. If there are floorboards, inspect them for dampness and rot. Remember to also check all metal components for signs of rust or corrosion. If not properly maintained, support cross members can degrade quickly over time, especially in regions with harsh winter weather conditions where salt is used on the roads.

Something else you should not ignore is the integrity of the kingpin. A potential buyer should carefully examine the kingpin area. Make certain there are no signs of “dishing.” Dishing is the presence of large indentations around the kingpin. It may indicate damage has occurred to the front cross members of the unit. Try to avoid purchasing a used trailer with visible damage to the kingpin location.

Floor condition is also very important when you are looking to buy storage containers. With all of our experience, Anjer staff can match you to one of our many used trailers or storage containers.

Check the Wheels and Tires

Check the Vehicle Compatibility

Nothing could be worse than buying a used trailer only to find that it is not compatible with your tractor. It happens more often than not and is mostly due to rushed purchases where a buyer doesn’t adequately inspect a used trailer prior to purchase.

Before buying a used trailer, it is crucial to ensure that your tow vehicle is compatible with the unit. Whether you are hauling freight across the country or delivering locally, make sure your tow vehicle is suited for use with the used trailer. You may want to ask the seller if you can hitch the trailer to your truck before finalizing the purchase.

If you are looking for ground-level storage containers or used trailers, the Anjer staff can help you purchase the right trailer for your application.

Check the Size of the Trailer

When it comes to choosing a trailer, size matters! It is important to know what size unit you need to ship your freight successfully. The last thing a buyer wants is to purchase a used trailer only to find that it is not large enough to hold products you intend to haul. If you are a contract driver carrying different freight types on a consistent basis, opt for a larger trailer than what you initially needed. It is always better to have too much space as opposed to too little.

Has the Trailer got a Clear Title?

Any used trailer you are considering to purchase must have a clear title. Ask the seller to provide information about the previous owners of the vehicle. Ask if there is any trailer history or service documentation available. Make sure the registration is valid. Ask the seller who they purchased the trailer from? Check how long the trailer has been out-of-service. As a potential new owner, you need to have this information at your disposal.

With over 40 years of providing the tri-state region with freight and storage solutions, Anjer has the experience to help find the best trailer or container for you. For more information or if you’re looking to buy a used trailer in Montgomery County or the surrounding areas, contact us now for a free quote. 

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