How to Customize Your New Dry Van Trailer

How to Customize Your New Dry Van Trailer

Your business is unique, so your transportation solutions should be too. If you’re looking to buy a new trailer in Philadelphia County, you should consider a dry van trailer. These shipping containers offer endless advantages as is, but they can be customized even further to fit your exact business needs. 

What is a Dry Van Trailer?

Dry van trailers are one of the preferred transportation solutions for business owners worldwide. Standard dry van trailers measure nine feet in height, eight and a half feet in width, and a staggering 53 feet in length. Therefore, they can carry about 25 standard pellets. These trailers offer the ultimate security against damage, protecting freight from ghastly weather and theft. They are also incredibly versatile as they can carry almost any kind of product, with a few exceptions, while traveling both long and short distances.

Although dry van trailers are the most commonly used commercial transportation method, they have their limitations as well. For example, these trucks are not ideal for transporting perishable or hazardous items. That means many food items, medical, or lab products can’t be shipped using dry van trailers, as they require special accommodations. 

What Customizations Are Available? 

Because dry van trailers are in such high demand, holding the largest market share in the semi-truck industry, it can be hard to get your hands on a model that really fulfills your specific needs. That’s why we offer the customizations listed below.

Overhead Doors: Not only do they offer incredible durability and security, but overhead doors also make loading and unloading cargo incredibly easy. 
Shelving Units: There’s no better way to organize your products. Our shelving units come in a variety of sizes and can be wall-mounted or connected to the floor. 
Office Conversions: If you’re not looking to transport just your products, but rather your whole business, we can help you turn your dry van trailer into your personal office. 
Partitions: Need to create different compartments for different products? We can divide your trailer into as many zones as you’d like with our top-line partitions.
Insulation: We can’t offer temperature-control or refrigerated dry van trailers, but we can offer outstanding insulation so your freight isn’t affected by extreme weather. 

Don’t be disappointed if you haven’t found a dry van trailer that offers everything you’re looking for. When you turn to Anjer Inc. looking for new trailers for sale in Philadelphia County, we’ll modify it to your exact specifications. Contact us today to find out more.

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