The Importance of Liftgate Maintenance

The Importance of Liftgate Maintenance

Liftgates help with efficiency, productivity, and also help to reduce the physical demands on truck drivers as they unload cargo from a trailer or truck. However, these activities are also a frequent and regular source of workplace injuries. For these reasons, liftgate maintenance is an essential task that should be conducted regularly and never ignored.

Why Conduct Routine Maintenance?

Routine maintenance can help to maximize the number of years that a liftgate operates safely and efficiently. Regular maintenance allows technicians to confirm that all critical components are lubricated and fluid levels are correct. They can also ensure that minor issues are identified before they become significant dangers. 

What Can Fleets do to Maximize Liftgate Efficiency?

Fleet managers are advised to adopt all liftgate OEM guidelines and recommendations that detail required maintenance and inspection, and how frequently these guidelines should be implemented.

Preventative maintenance intervals are based upon prescribed time intervals or liftgate cycles. In situations where high-cycles are applicable, PM intervals should be increased accordingly. The recurring problem is that preventative maintenance intervals are only adhered to when a component has failed, often causing the liftgate to break down.

To avoid these problems, fleet maintenance workers should create checklists for their personnel to follow. All maintenance issues should be recorded so that they can be traced to each liftgate. By adopting a consistent recording method, each fleet maintenance official can report problems in the same way. This allows fleets to detect trends and identify faults by specific liftgate brands that may not be used effectively. Alternatively, liftgates that are working with heavier loads than others may need to be maintained more frequently than others.

Work Closely With Liftgate Manufacturers

Any fleet that is uncertain about the amount of maintenance required, operating instructions, or inspection frequency, should contact the manufacturer for official guidance. It is in the interest of manufacturers to be actively involved with the efficient maintenance and inspection of their products. By doing so, they can improve the life, safety, and reliability of their liftgates, as well as maintain an excellent reputation in their industry.For more information, to buy new trailers in Philadelphia County, or to view trailers for sale in Montgomery County, PA, just browse our website now!

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