What Type of Liftgate Does Your Truck Need?

What Type of Liftgate Does Your Truck Need?

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, delivery systems are more crucial than ever — providing a service that’s helping to hold up the economy in uncertain times. While the differences between semi-trailer liftgates may seem insignificant, there’s no one-size-fits-all with this crucial piece of equipment. 

Trucks rely on liftgates to load and unload heavy products. And depending on the truck, products, and weight, a different type of liftgate may be the best choice. Types of liftgates vary based on where they are placed on the truck, how they load and unload, and how much weight they can handle. Based on your preference and type of application, you can select the liftgate that is best for your business or personal project:

Liftgate Options

There are several different types of liftgates. Here’s a breakdown of the main ones:

Conventional Liftgate

A conventional liftgate is often either the actual door to the truck or positioned flush behind the truck doors. They’re designed for general day-to-day loading and provide a large loading platform and exceptional reliability.

  • Original style of liftgates
  • Rest in the upright position
  • Stored flush against the door of the truck body
  • Often serves as the rear door


When it comes to heavier weight capacities and large cargo, a rail gate could be the best option. It’s attached to the pillars of the truck box, which can make deliveries more time-consuming because of the need to fill the gap between the dock and the rear of the semi-truck.

  • Provides a level ride throughout the lift for maximum load stability
  • Ideal for bulk delivery and wheeled cargo
  • Appropriate for dock and street delivery

Cantilever Liftgate

A cantilever gate is welded to the truck’s chassis, but it offers the same increased weight and size capacity as a rail gate. While it’s not the best set up for dock deliveries, it’s adjustable, which means you can unload on uneven surfaces.

  • Remote control powers the liftgate
  • Large platform allows for back and side loading
  • Great for hills and uneven terrains

Tuckaway (Tuck-Under) Liftgate

This type of liftgate slides out from underneath the body of the vehicle, which is convenient for dock loading and doesn’t take up excess space. They’re perfect for trucks that are used in residential deliveries and for loading docks. 

  • Welded to the frame of the truck’s chassis
  • Platform is designed with two or three folding sections
  • Folded and stored beneath the body’s floor
  • Allows access to the cargo area without activating the lift

Pickup Liftgate

A pickup liftgate is attached to the back of a pickup truck, which could be a great option for a small business that’s just getting started.

  • Lifts light to medium loads
  • Easy-to-use, safe, and cost-effective
  • Ideal for pickup trucks, stakebeds, and van bodies

Side Loader

A side loader is a heavy-duty, self-loading trailer that operates without any additional equipment and doesn’t require much manpower. It’s big enough to handle cargo, shipping containers, and other large loads.

  • Mounted below the side door of a truck body
  • Can be either frame or body-mounted
  • Platform can be stored under the body and is either unfolded or extended out from under the door.

Conventional Liftgate vs. Railgate

A conventional liftgate doesn’t provide as much space or capacity as a railgate, but it makes dock loading much easier. A conventional liftgate might also be more efficient when it comes to smaller loads; however, it could be too small for larger loads.

Tuckaway Liftgate vs. Railgate

Tuckaway liftgates are very popular among expediters because they’re versatile and allow you to back right up into the dock without needing to move the gate out of the way. When it comes to cargo, the tuckaway liftgate is probably the most practical solution.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Liftgate for Pickup Trucks

Now, you should be able to choose which liftgate is best for you and your application needs. At Anjer Inc., we have all of these types of liftgates for sale on our website. Businesses in Bucks County and surrounding areas have trusted these and other products from us for about five decades.

We carry liftgates from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, including Waltco, Maxon, Tommy Gate, Palfinger, Dhollandia, Anteo, Leyman, Anthony, and Thieman.

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