Transforming Fleet Functionality with the Next-Generation Morgan Parcel Van

Transforming Fleet Functionality with the Next-Generation Morgan Parcel Van

As a trusted truck body distributor located in Bensalem, PA, ANJER Inc. prides itself on providing innovative and top-quality truck bodies to its clients. The commitment to the most reliable and advanced truck bodies in the industry is why ANJER Inc. represents none other than the remarkable Morgan Truck Body.

Recently, the game-changing manufacturer demonstrated its latest innovation, the dry-freight Parcel Van Full-height Walk-through (PVW) body, but this time on an electric platform. This ground-breaking solution redefines the parameters of last-mile delivery, driving the future of vocational transport.

A New Era in Vocational Transport with Morgan Truck Body’s Electric PVW

As the industry-leading manufacturer of light- and medium-duty freight and refrigerated van and truck bodies, Morgan Truck Body is synonymous with revolutionizing transport solutions. Their latest unveiling, the PVW body mounted on an electric platform, is another testament to their commitment to driving innovation. The design integrates full-height walk-through capability, enhancing driver convenience and productivity, crucial for the highly demanding final-mile delivery sector.

The implementation of an electric platform signifies Morgan’s dedication to promoting sustainable transportation solutions. It proves their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and the industry’s impact on the environment. The incorporation of an electric powertrain to the robust and efficient design of the PVW body truly signifies a new era in vocational transport.

Redefining Driver Experience with Advanced Features

The PVW truck body is more than just a conventional delivery vehicle. It’s a carefully engineered solution that puts driver convenience and productivity at its core. Let’s delve into the specifics of what makes the PVW truck body an unmatched solution for last-mile delivery fleets:

Unhindered Accessibility: The truck body provides seamless access from the cab to the cargo area, courtesy of a full-height sliding door. This feature reduces physical strain on drivers while allowing for quicker transfer of goods, improving delivery times.

Optimized Lighting: It boasts a translucent mid-panel roof, which ushers in considerable light into the cargo area while minimizing heat transfer. This thoughtful feature outperforms typical translucent roofing by offering a cooler and more well-lit work environment for drivers.

Temperature Management: Structural composite wall materials and isolated shelving mounts work together to curb heat transfer from the body to the cargo. This feature ensures the maintenance of optimal temperatures for sensitive cargo during transport.

Convenient Access: Morgan’s signature Maximizer doors at the rear and side provide easy access, facilitated by a low-height step-up. This allows for faster, more efficient deliveries and pickups.

Enhanced Control: The remote-control powered roll-up rear door not only maximizes space but also improves driver control and convenience during deliveries.

Versatile Shelving Options: Standard folding shelving and Easy-Close HD folding shelving system options by Masterack cater to varied cargo requirements, enabling businesses to meet diverse customer needs.

Improved Safety: Lastly, the PVW truck body amplifies safety with improved visibility provided by Morgan’s Situational Awareness Package. This ensures the driver’s safety and those on the road while maintaining the integrity of the cargo.

Driving the Future of Delivery with Morgan and ANJER, Inc.

In an industry that demands reliability, efficiency, and constant innovation, Morgan Truck Body consistently delivers. Their recent showcase of the PVW truck body on an electric platform is yet another milestone in their journey to redefine vocational transport. The transformative truck body is not just a step into the future; it’s a giant leap towards a more efficient, sustainable, and productive world of last-mile delivery.

For businesses in the tri-state region, ANJER, Inc. is your gateway to purchasing high-quality truck bodies and liftgates in Philadelphia, PA. As a distinguished distributor of Morgan Truck Body products, ANJER Inc. is committed to providing the best truck bodies to our clients, ensuring that they stay ahead in the rapidly evolving logistics landscape.

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