What Is a Stake Body Truck and Why You May Need One

A Morgan Stake Body is pictured with black racks and a wooden deck.

What Is a Stake Body Truck and Why You May Need One

At ANJER, Inc. we don’t just handle dry freight truck bodies and trailers. We also offer a line of stake body trucks for heavy-duty hauling applications. Stake bodies are flatbed truck bodies that have pockets along the outer perimeter of the body. These pockets are then used to insert “stakes” to enclose loads being hauled on the truck body.

Stake bodies are extremely versatile and can be used for a number of hauling applications. They enable a user to surround heavy-duty equipment and materials during transport without having to use a completely enclosed truck body. They are a much more effective means of securing a load without the need for straps, chains, or other cargo control options.

Here we’ll discuss some of the benefits of stake body trucks and why you may need one for your business:

Flatbed Construction

As we already mentioned, a stake body truck is at its core, a flatbed. Flatbed trucks are utilized in many industries, allowing companies to haul large and cumbersome loads to and from job sites and other destinations. Known for their strength and durability, flatbeds come in a variety of floor finishes including hardwood, smooth steel, steel diamond plate, and other custom options.

Having a strong floor is only part of the equation when it comes to hauling heavy-duty loads. The bulkhead is also extremely important for protecting the cab, as well as the driver and passenger. Bulkhead options include heights of 48”, 60”, and customizable configurations. Additionally, reinforced windows can be selected for increased visibility and can be standard or the full width of the bulkhead.

Stake Configurations

For the most part, stakes can be installed and removed using fabricated pockets along the perimeter of the flatbed area. This allows a user to remove stakes as needed for easy loading and off-loading. Additionally, stakes can also be configured to swing out at the rear while still remaining installed on the truck body.

The stakes (or racks) come in a variety of configurations. Steel stakes can be powder-coated in black, galvanized, or made from a high-quality composite material. Stakes can also be customized to meet the exact requirements a company needs to safely and effectively haul cargo to and from job sites.

What Businesses Benefit From Using Stake Bodies?

Stake bodies are designed for businesses that require a reliable platform that can handle heavy-duty applications. Most often used by landscaping companies, maintenance-related industries, and contractors, stake bodies provide the ideal configuration for any business looking to haul large and heavy loads.

Additionally, the adaptability of stake bodies allow them to be utilized in other capacities as well. Companies that supply large equipment or parts to automotive and truck repair companies can also rely on the durability of stake bodies. Large loads of metal and wood can also be shipped effectively and efficiently using the stake body design.

ANJER: A Trusted Source for High-Quality Stake Bodies

Based in Bensalem, PA, and servicing the greater Philadelphia area, ANJER, Inc. is a leading supplier of high-quality Morgan stake bodies. If you’re looking for a premium stake body to transport heavy loads for your company, contact the team at ANJER today.

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