5 Safe Driving Tips for Long-Haul Truckers

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5 Safe Driving Tips for Long-Haul Truckers

Anjer Inc. is a family-owned business that sells truck parts to other businesses. With 45 years in the industry, we have an extensive selection of products. In this article, we provide big rig operators with driving safety tips for long hauls. If you need further advice on how to stay alert and safe on the road, let us know. Additionally, we have a wide selection of parts, including preowned equipment such as a used liftgate, for sale.

Encourage Drivers to Operate Tractor Trailers Defensively

Safe driving for long-haul truckers includes defensive driving. Professional truck drivers often faced dangerous situations. Tips for driving long distances using defensive driving include watching the blind spots that naturally occur around any vehicle. Rearview mirrors and side mirrors don’t always allow for 100% visibility. Therefore, long-distance haulers need to exercise great care when changing lanes.

When driving long hours, it can be easy to forget to leave enough space for vehicles to go around the rig. Follow the four-second rule to allow plenty of stopping distance between yourself and other drivers. It’s a good idea to lengthen this time in poor road conditions.

Train Drivers to Prepare for Emergencies

The Highway Traffic Safety Administration often puts out bulletins to help truck drivers, especially those driving long distances. Safe driving for long-haul truckers includes pre-trip planning for poor weather and emergencies. Drivers should always be prepared with a first aid kit, change of clothes, blankets, and safety equipment in the truck.

When operating large trucks, it’s important to stay calm and cool. Road rage becomes a serious threat, especially if a professional truck driver has been on the road for long hours. Honking and engaging in verbal or nonverbal altercations with other drivers never improves the situation. In fact, these actions increase the likelihood of collisions.

Signaling before changing lanes, even if there are no other drivers, can also save lives. In bad weather or poor visibility conditions, it’s important for drivers of tractor trailers to slow down and drive carefully on slick roadways.

Truck Driving Tips for Preventative Maintenance

Tips for driving long distances include sticking to preventive maintenance schedules. Your drivers should stay up to date on maintenance such as oil and brake pad changes. This can improve the breakdown rate, help ensure that loads are delivered on time, and keep everyone safer on the roadway.

Using automated devices can help you collect data to track breakdown history. This keeps your drivers on the road longer instead of waiting at truck stops for a mechanic to check out the rig.

Pre-Trip & Post-Trip Checks Improve Safe Driving for Long-Haul Truckers

Safe driving for long-haul truckers includes rigorous pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Following National Highway Traffic Safety tips for driving long distances by keeping up with inspections required by the DOT.

Pre-trip and post-trip checks are as important as obeying the speed limit. If your driver has a trip planned that involves long hours on the road, it’s essential to check out the rig while the truck is still in the parking lot.

Coach Drivers to Avoid Distraction

It’s important for professional truck drivers to remain focused on the road. That involves limiting cellphone usage and, particularly, avoiding texting during long hauls. Staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and stopping often can also help drivers stay alert. However, any distraction that takes their eyes off the road, even for a minute, puts the driver, your load, and everyone else on the road and danger.

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