5 Tips for Truck Drivers to Stay Alert on Long Trips

5 Tips for Truck Drivers to Stay Alert on Long Trips

Truck drivers spend a large amount of time on the road—and unfortunately, many drivers don’t stay as alert as they should be when they’re operating a vehicle. As a business owner, you know that your trucks need regular inspections and that you should buy new trailers in Philadelphia County when yours become unsafe. But are you also promoting safe driving habits amongst your truck drivers? Use these five tips to help drivers remain more alert on the road

  • Encourage restful sleep. Truck drivers can work strange hours, which may lead to some drivers falling behind on their beauty rest. Make sure that drivers get their schedule far enough in advance to shift sleeping schedules and encourage drivers to catch at least seven hours of sleep a night.
  • Turn on the air conditioning. Encourage drivers to use their AC while driving. Cooler temperatures can promote alertness.
  • Help drivers stay hydrated. Adequate hydration has been found to fight off drowsiness, so make sure that drivers have plenty of water before a long trip. Passing out corporate water bottles with drivers’ names on them is a great way to encourage hydration on the road.
  • Get rid of the cell phones. Cell phones can be a major distraction on the road and can lead to increased instances of accidents. Educate drivers on the dangers of texting and driving and advise them to put their phones in the glove compartment when they’re on a trip.
  • Chew on some gum. Chewing minty gum can help perk drivers up when they’re feeling groggy. Pass out sugar-free winter mint or peppermint gum for a pick-me-up that prevents cavities!

Your business is all about safety—and providing your drivers with reliable equipment can help them transport goods without fear of an accident. If you’re searching for new trailers for sale in Philadelphia County, give Anjer Inc. a call today at 800-598-3981.

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