The Benefits and Challenges of Refrigerated Truck Bodies

The Benefits and Challenges of Refrigerated Truck Bodies

Everybody is familiar with the basic benefits of using refrigerated trucks. Refrigerated truck bodies can transport goods that need to be refrigerated. Simple enough, right?

Truthfully, the advantages and challenges of using refrigerated bodies are somewhat more complicated than that. It may not be rocket science, but there are some things to know before you start using refrigerated trailers. Whether you’re looking to buy a used trailer in Montgomery County or buy a new trailer in Philadelphia County, check out these facts if you’re considering a refrigerated truck.

The Advantages of Refrigerated Bodies

Besides being able to transport perishables, refrigerated truck bodies have all kinds of benefits.

  • It’s not just food that needs refrigeration. Besides obvious items like meat and other perishable foods, all kinds of goods often need to be kept at an optimal temperature. Items such as chemicals and engineered materials can be ruined if exposed to the outer climate, as can personal care products such as cosmetics and perfumes. Many pharmaceutical drugs must be kept in a cool environment to prevent damage, and frequently there are antiques and works of art that cannot be exposed to heat or humidity.There is always a steady demand for refrigerated trucks.
  • Because refrigerated truck bodies are so often needed for items such as fresh vegetables and fruit, the demand tends to be pretty constant, making it a smart move to have a robust supply of refrigerated trucks on hand.
  • Refrigerated bodies are usually more profitable. Besides being in demand, refrigerated trucks are estimated to be, on average, 20% more profitable than standard dry van loads. However, make sure to check your standard rates and do your research before making a purchase.

Some Challenges of Refrigerated Bodies

With all of these benefits of using refrigerated trucks, there are also extra responsibilities for which the driver will need to keep an eye out.

  • Be prepared for a breakdown. A truck breaking down on the road is never good, but it can be even more of a headache when the currently-not-working cooling unit is without power or glitching, which can cause the goods in the interior to spoil. Make certain your driver is trained in how to do maintenance and is armed with a Plan B if the cooling unit is on the fritz.
  • There are also additional daily responsibilities involved. Besides emergencies, it is vital that the truck is kept in proper condition. The driver must be careful to clean the interior after each load and to control the cooling equipment and the thermometer to maintain the exact temperature needed.

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  • Levi Armstrong
    Posted at 11:55h, 25 August Reply

    I agree with what you said that there’s a high demand for refrigerated trailers because it’s needed by a lot of perishable goods and other chemical and engineered materials for transportation. My parents are planning to start selling the fresh vegetables they’ve gathered from our small farm, and they’re sending it to an outdoor market seller a few towns away. Since there’s a high demand for refrigerated trailers, we’ve been having a hard time renting one for this weekend.

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