The Benefits and Challenges of Refrigerated Truck Bodies

The Benefits and Challenges of Refrigerated Truck Bodies

Most transportation companies and independent truck drivers know the basic benefits of using a refrigerated truck body. Reefers are used to transport perishable goods to and from destinations. It seems simple enough, yet there are many additional advantages and some challenges to using a refrigerated truck body.

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Here are some things you should consider when shopping for a refrigerated truck body.

The Advantages of Buying a New or Used Refrigerated Truck Body

As previously mentioned, most people think of perishable goods such as food products when they are considering the benefits of a reefer body. Yet, refrigerated truck bodies can provide additional advantages beyond the shipment of food.

Refrigeration doesn’t just protect food from spoilage. Many kinds of products shipped locally, regionally, and nationally require refrigeration to make it successfully to their destination. Items such as certain chemicals and engineered materials can be ruined if not kept in a consistently cool and dry environment. Personal care products, such as cosmetics, also require refrigeration when being transported. Finally, many new pharmaceutical drugs now being used require protection from heat and humidity while being shipped.

Due to the fact that there is always a high demand for the transportation of perishable goods like vegetables and meats, a refrigerated truck body is a good investment for a large transportation company or a small independent contractor. Reefer bodies tend to maintain better resale value over time in comparison to dry freight truck bodies. If a refrigerated truck body is well maintained and serviced during its lifetime, it can be used towards the purchase of a newer refrigerated body when needed.

Freight rates for refrigerated goods tend to be more profitable as well. Due to the nature of perishable goods, transportation of such products is, on average, 20% more profitable than standard dry van loads. However, make sure to check competing freight rates in your region.

Questions to Ask and Challenges Faced When Spec’ing a Refrigerated Truck Body To Buy

With the many advantages of using a refrigerated truck body to ship perishable goods, there are also challenges in deciding what specifications your reefer body will need to successfully transport products.

When buying a new or used refrigerated truck body, the first thing to consider is the type of unit used to maintain cool and stable temperatures in the van body. There are several different types of units that can be used to refrigerate a truck body and depending on your application, it is important to comprehensively educate yourself on the pros and cons of the wide range of refrigeration units on the market today.

Besides the refrigeration unit used to cool or freeze the goods your truck is shipping, you should also consider the following important factors.

Understanding the Impact of Adequate Insulation When Purchasing a New or Used Refrigerated Truck Body

Making sure you have the proper insulation for a refrigerated truck body is crucial to your success. Insulation types for reefer bodies vary significantly, and having the incorrect insulation for your truck body could cause serious problems when transporting perishables.

Insulation for refrigerated truck bodies varies depending on your application. There are two primary forms of insulation, including block foam and sprayed foam. The thickness of the insulation is dependent on the truck body’s application. Less insulation means there would be issues maintaining extremely low temperatures. You will need to determine the uses for the unit prior to deciding on which insulation and how much to use.

Having the Correct Rear Door Configuration When Buying a New or Used Reefer Truck Body

The rear door configuration for a refrigerated truck body is crucial to the successful operation of the vehicle. If you utilize the unit for the maximum allowable load, insulated rear panel doors will allow the most interior space within the unit. If you are looking to use the refrigerated truck while parked at a loading dock or for quick unloading on busy streets, an insulated overhead door may be the best option for you.

Other Considerations When Looking For a New or Used Refrigerated Truck Body to Buy

There is a multitude of factors to consider when choosing a new or used reefer truck body to buy. The type of floor is extremely important. Particular floors are designed for pallet jack and forklift loading, while others have non-slip surfaces to protect drivers and staff from falling while inside the unit.

Cargo control is also crucial to the successful operation of any new or used refrigerated truck body. If you transport large loads on pallets that require refrigeration, you will want to have cargo control features like E-track or F-track. Other applications may require you to have shelving or the installation of bulkheads for the separation of different types of perishables.

As already mentioned, the importance of correctly spec’ing the refrigeration unit installed in the truck body is essential to maintaining optimal temperature control for the loads your truck will be hauling. Refrigeration units come in various styles and capabilities to address the numerous shipping applications for refrigerated goods. You can choose a self-powered unit or one that is vehicle-powered. If you are looking to buy a used reefer truck body, make certain to check the refrigeration unit is working correctly and does not require maintenance.

Anjer Trailer and Truck Body Sales is a premier provider of new and used refrigerated truck bodies and trailers. We also offer a full line of transportation services. Whether your truck body or trailer requires service in our four-bay shop, or you need to rent a container for storage purposes at your business, Anjer Inc. has the product knowledge and selection to meet the needs of our customers. For more information about new or used refrigerated truck bodies for sale, contact Anjer Inc. today.

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