Crane Bodies: Which Crane is Best for Your Service Truck?

Crane Bodies: Which Crane is Best for Your Service Truck?

As an industry trusted business for over 43 years, Anjer Inc. knows a thing or two about cranes and service trucks. We are proud distributors of STAHL cranes and crane bodies because they offer immense power and durability. When working in industries such as construction, mining or agriculture you need dependable cranes that provide lift capacities that fit your needs and luckily, we have them.

We want to introduce you to our stock of STAHL cranes, so you can have a better idea of which crane is best for your job.

The compact 2000 Series Crane:

  • The small and versatile model that allows mounting in service bodies, on flatbeds and pickup beds.
  • 5-foot boom reach
  • Lightweight remote that offers multi-functional controls that enable single-handed operation of the crane

The smooth operating 5000 Series Crane:

  • A fully hydraulic boom 20-foot reach
  • Wireless FM radio remote
  • Self-lubricating Nylatron bearing
  • Allows for quick detection of the remote control unit to prevent theft

The fully hydraulic 8000 Series Crane:

  • 21 foot or 31 foot total reach provided by a fully hydraulic boom
  • Smooth operation of inner and outer booms provided by a self-lubricating bearing
  • Overload protected

Each of these crane models provides impressive features; it may be hard to decide which one is best for you. If you are looking to mount your crane to vehicles such as flatbeds and pickup beds, the compact 2000 Series would be ideal. The 2000 series is very versatile as it can even be mounted to the ground.  

The 5000 Series and the 8000 Series both future a self-lubricating bearing that provides smooth operation. The 5000 series has a base boom of 10 ft but can extend to 20 ft with two hydraulic booms. The 8000 Series is the only one of our cranes to feature overload protection. This feature has hydraulic and electrical circuits designed to prevent operation of the crane when it is in an overload condition.

If you are looking to buy used trailers in Bucks County or need trailer service in Mercer County, contact Anjer Inc. at 800-598-3981.

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