Dry Freight Trailers: Is This Shipping Method Right For Your Business?

Dry Freight Trailers: Is This Shipping Method Right For Your Business?

Dry freight trailers remain a preferred method of transporting goods among businesses. Today, we’ll take a look at why many companies prefer this popular shipping method over others. As one of the leading distributors of dry freight trailers, we’ll walk you through how these trailers can benefit your business.

What Are Dry Freight Trailers?

Dry freight trailers are fully-enclosed trailers that are typically loaded and unloaded from the rear. Carriers tend to prefer these trailers because they offer many benefits and are readily available.

What Are the Advantages?

  • A wide variety of products can be shipped using this trailer, such as non-perishable food or building materials. This trailer is ideal for carriers looking to transport items that don’t need to be kept under strict temperature control.
  • These trailers can save carriers time and money because they allow for a “drop and hook” load method. You can drop off one freight to be unloaded and hook up another freight that is ready to be transported. Therefore, carriers don’t have to spend a long time unloading the freights and can focus on transporting more goods, which saves a lot of time and money.
  • Dry trailers offer excellent protection against bad weather, theft, and damages, so carriers won’t need to use straps, chains, or a cover to protect goods that they are shipping.
    Shipments made using a dry freight trailer are more affordable than other shipping methods. These freights are also able to facilitate regional, short haul and long haul shipments.

What Are the Challenges?

  • The interior hardwood flooring of a dry freight pose some challenges. For example, moisture and condensation building up on the floors may damage items that will require repair or replacement.
  • Unlike refrigerated freight trailers, dry trailers cannot maintain a consistent temperature. If you need to ship goods that can be negatively affected by changes in temperature then using a dry trailer is not ideal.

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