How to Improve Your Fleet’s Fuel Efficiency

How to Improve Your Fleet’s Fuel Efficiency

As gas prices fluctuate, many owners of commercial fleets are looking for new ways to improve their fleet’s fuel efficiency. Reducing fuel usage and improving sustainability will allow businesses to cut their operating costs drastically. One of the simplest methods to maximize your fleet’s fuel efficiency is to educate your drivers on the most efficient driving methods and to maintain your fleet properly.  

As one of the best places to buy a used trailer in Philadelphia County, Anjer Inc. has created this guide to help you improve the fuel efficiency of your fleet. These four easy tips can help you dramatically improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency and save you thousands in fuel costs.

Check Your Tires

Tire pressure is one of the primary factors leading to poor fuel efficiency in most commercial fleets. You may not have realized it, but underinflated tires or uneven wear can decrease the fuel economy of your fleet. We recommend that you check the tire pressure of your fleet to ensure that every trailer’s tire is properly inflated to meet the manufacturer’s tire pressure guidelines.

Plan Your Routes

Another great way to improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency is to consolidate trips whenever you can. Not only will planning your routes ahead of time reduce the amount of fuel your drivers use, but it will also reduce the amount of wear and tear on your trailer. Reviewing road conditions ahead of time can help you manage your driver’s fuel usage and plan most fuel-efficient routes.

Take Your Time

Smooth driving can go a long way when comes to improving your fleet’s fuel efficiency. Steady driving and following the speed limit will reduce the number of hard breaks your drivers have to make, which will reduce their fuel usage. Rapid acceleration and hard braking are two well-known causes of reduced fuel efficiency.

Watch Your Weight

The more weight your fleet carries, the harder their engines will have to work. Extra weight will cause your fleet to burn more gas than necessary, so make sure your drivers remove any non-essential items from their trailer before making a trip.

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