Shipping Containers Vs. Storage Trailers: Which is Right for Your Business?

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Shipping Containers Vs. Storage Trailers: Which is Right for Your Business?

While ordering a Philadelphia storage container rental, you might be wondering whether a trailer is better for your company or if a container is more suited. Though the two storage options may look similar on the surface, there are many functional differences between them. The many advantages of the two can make settling on one difficult, so before you set out to buy your 20’ and 40’ size shipping containers, learn the four varying ways they can benefit your business.

Mobility or Stationary

A significant factor in whether a storage trailer or container is best for your business depends on how often you wish to move it. If your company needs to transport products frequently, trailers are the right choice. They have wheels and axles that grant them extra mobility if you need them relocated. On the other hand, containers require a bed truck, flatbed, or another vehicle to move from place to place.

That said, if you’re looking for a stationary storage unit, then 20’ and 40’ shipping containers are your best option. Containers open up at a ground level, so there’s no need for a ramp or ladder when collecting what’s stored inside them. For this reason, they’re the best fit for a more extended stay.

How Long Storage is Needed

Another detail that will influence whether a storage trailer or container is most beneficial is how long their services are needed. For example, containers were initially designed to transport goods on ships across the ocean, so they’re built to be durable. They can handle extreme weather conditions and disasters, all while protecting the products stored inside them. 

Additionally, trailers are just as durable as storage containers. Most storage trailers were once used for over-the-road transportation of goods, meaning they’re built to withstand all sorts of inclement weather and events.

Both storage containers and trailers provide excellent long-term storage capabilities that can protect your valuables from outdoor elements.

Cost and Commitment

If your business is wondering whether to rent or purchase a 20’ or 40’ size shipping container, know that both options are comparable in price. If you decide to rent a container or trailer, both storage units can provide an ideal storage area at minimal cost to your company.

Containers require less maintenance than trailers due to their construction. All owners have to do is oil the doors, so they’re serviceable and check for leaks so water doesn’t enter during a rainstorm and damage the products inside. When using a storage trailer, a company must ensure that tires, brakes, and other components operate correctly if the unit is moved around on the premises.

Shape and Size

Lastly, the size and shape of a storage trailer and container may be a deciding factor in your choice. If you need a wider storage solution, then check our trailers. Not only will they allow your products to fit inside much more easily, but there’s enough room for your employees to use pallets inside the trailers to transport goods in and out.

While containers are not as wide as trailers, their design has a different type of benefit. Being a container does not have axles and wheels, ground-level loading and unloading can easily be accomplished with little effort.

If you and your company are interested in what shipping containers are for sale in PA, contact ANJER, Inc. today for more information on 20’ and 40’ sized shipping containers and other storage units!

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