Should You Purchase or Rent a Storage Container? Here’s How to Decide

Should You Purchase or Rent a Storage Container? Here’s How to Decide

Our team at Anjer Inc. is proud to offer a vast range of storage containers for sale in Philadelphia County. We have many models in stock and have been serving the Philly region for over four decades. Are you stuck on deciding whether you need to buy or rent a storage container? The tips below should help you to make an informed decision.

It Depends on Your Business

Rather than losing money by buying a storage container and hardly ever using it, decide whether or not your business has a consistent need for storage and the ability to transport a container. If so, it’s likely your company will save cash after investing in a storage container.

Retailers: Rent a Storage Container

Retailers often store surplus stock in storage containers. However, they often don’t need storage for many months of the year or free access to heavy equipment for transporting the containers. Therefore, it’s recommended that retailers rent storage containers as the most cost-effective solution.

Mechanical Subcontractors: Rent a Storage Container

Mechanical subcontractors are better off renting storage containers as they often need differently sized units for different job types. Also, they often don’t have facilities large enough to store the containers. Additionally, renting is advised over purchasing a container as they are often customized for specific job types, which will change with different job and equipment requirements. Another thing to consider is the delivery and removal of a container, which is contained in rental agreements. Purchasing a container will mean additional transportation costs when moving from job to job.

Large Contractors or Construction Companies: Buy a Storage Container

For larger companies in the construction or contractor industries, we recommend buying a storage container. It’s a sound financial investment as many larger construction companies require storage all year round and the means to transport large containers.

If you anticipate renting a trailer for over 18 months, it’s more cost effective to purchase one instead.

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