Six Tips to Help Truck Drivers Eat Better

Six Tips to Help Truck Drivers Eat Better

It can be challenging for truck drivers to maintain a healthy lifestyle with long working hours, minimal exercise, and eating meals on the road. However, it’s possible to be more active and eat a nutritious diet; it just takes planning. We’ve collected some tips to help truck drivers make healthy choices and improve their quality of life:

Hydrate Regularly

Nothing beats regular hydration, especially on long journeys across the country. Keep an ample supply of water in your truck and drink a glass before every meal. Water contains zero calories and can help to fill your stomach to prevent excess snacking. Add a slice of lemon or lime for flavor.

Invest in a Power Inverter

Consider purchasing a Power Inverter. This enables you to use a mini-refrigerator, a small microwave, or an electric cooler. Using these appliances, you can make healthier snacks and prepare meals on the road. This will help to save money from eating out and would pay for itself in no time. 

Plan Meals Ahead

Try to pack healthy, balanced meals ahead of a long journey. Balanced meals should include a variety of fruits, bread or grains, vegetables, dairy products, and protein. Remember that balance, variety, and moderation is essential.

Schedule Walk Breaks

When you refuel, take a walk around the outside of the parking area. As little as a 15-minute walk can help burn calories, stretch your legs, and combat fatigue. Repeating this twice a day is an excellent investment in your health. At all times, try to ensure that you are aware of your surroundings and in a safe area.

Purchase Healthy Snacks

Snacking from boxes or bags can encourage overeating. If you take the time to pre-fill some small plastic bags with healthy snacks, your health will improve. Ditch the candy and potato chips and choose fresh fruit, raw veggies, or low-fat granola bars. Alternatively, try a small handful of healthy nuts such as pistachios, almonds, pecans, or walnuts.

Always Shop Around

If you only have a small amount of room in your truck, you will only be able to stock 2-3 days worth of food. Take time to restock the cab with healthy foods at a store. This can take time, but it’s worthwhile.


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