The Top Names in Liftgate Parts Manufacturing

The Top Names in Liftgate Parts Manufacturing

Liftgates can wear down with time and rigorous use. To continue performing well, they require routine maintenance and repairs. Sometimes, there’s no choice but to have your liftgate serviced or even repaired by a professional. To ensure your liftgate is ready for work, skip the aftermarket parts and head straight for the OEM liftgate manufacturer parts. At Anjer Inc., we’re proud to carry and install liftgate parts from the top liftgate manufacturers in the industry. Here, we’ll discuss the top liftgate manufacturers and what each of them has to offer. 

Anthony Liftgates, Inc. 

Anthony Liftgates has understood the importance of quality products to maximize efficiency in the workplace. That’s why they’ve created innovative solutions to keep everyone safe while helping the bottom line of the business. Their offerings incorporate a multitude of weight and height settings to allow for different business needs. One of their most recognized models is the ATU Tuckunder SF, which can lift up to 3,500 lbs. Similar models offer the standard features of any Anthony liftgates: low-pressure hydraulics, retracted cylinders, and a centralized hydraulics system.

Maxon Lift

Maxon has specialized in liftgate production and distribution since the company’s rise in 1957. That’s how they’ve become the largest liftgate manufacturer worldwide. The Maxon Tuk-A-Way® was the first of many innovative products that helped catapult them into success, with the Slidelift™, Railift™, and Columnlift™ following shortly after. Maxon is dedicated to providing businesses with practical solutions that fulfill their needs. That’s why we provide a vast array of Maxon liftgates, as one of the leading lift gate manufacturers.  


Dhollandia has been in business for over 50 years now, dating back to 1968. While based out of Europe, they operate worldwide with production sites in multiple countries, including the US. Dhollandia pick-up truck liftgates are available in a wide variety dependent upon ramp options, lift cylinder preference, and more select criteria you may be looking for. Dhollandia liftgate parts and accessories are available here too. 

Thieman Tailgates

Thieman has continuously expanded over the years, where now, they produce a comprehensive range of trucking liftgates. While based out of Ohio, their products are available across the United States as well as Canada and Mexico. When it comes to their specialty, Thieman Railgates are built ideally for carrying deliveries such as heavy cargo. Several other models are available at Anjer, as are Thieman liftgate parts. 


Although Palfinger started as a workshop that repaired agricultural vehicles and equipment, their business boomed and expanded into other heavy-duty equipment, such as mechanics, trucks, cranes, liftgates, etc. Their liftgate parts manufacturing unit started in 1993 and quickly became one of the trusted names in the industry. Palfinger offers standardized and common parts across the entire line of liftgate models that are created to be durable and withstand corrosion for years of hard labor. If you’re in need of Palfinger pickup liftgate parts in Philadelphia County, you can get them here at Anjer!


Waltco’s introduction to liftgate manufacturing has an unusual story. Originally, Waltco was an engineering company that developed aeronautical parts. Their first liftgate was produced in 1954 for US defense purposes, which prompted the company to branch out and continue developing liftgates. Nowadays, Waltco is one of the biggest names in the industry. Their engineering background shines through in the innovative, high-quality parts and services they provide. The state-of-the-art Waltco liftgate can be installed in Philadelphia County by the Anjer team. This particular manufacturer also offers their very own Waltco accessories and Waltco parts. 

Tommy Gate

Tommy Gate is the embodiment of the American Dream. One man, Delbert “Bus” Brown, started his shop in rural Iowa by installing liftgate parts for locals. More than 50 years later, Tommy Gate is an international enterprise that delivers advanced liftgate parts and technology to commercial businesses. Companies can find quality Tommy Gate parts and accessories at Anjer, where expert technicians can perform quick and dependable installations. 

Whether you’re looking to replace something as simple as a spring or something more complicated like a motor, Anjer Inc. can do it. We’re one of the most trusted liftgate parts, repairers, and installers in the county, offering speedy and efficient services. Our product offerings include used liftgates for sale too! Call us at 800-598-3981 to learn more or schedule a service.

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