Anjer has been servicing the transportation industry selling some of the best trailers and their parts.  Anjer is a proud vendor of many different product lines.  Anjer has a long history of selling quality, durability and superior performance.  We continue to set the industry standard for dry freight trailers and have many customization options available.

Customization Options for Used Trailers in PA & NJ

At Anjer, we take care of customer needs and requirements, and thus offer complete customization facilities for new and used trailers in PA & NJ. Check out the options available:

  • Various door and roof options
  • Automatic tire inflation systems
  • Variety of post types and interior lining options
  • Rear finish options including bumpers
  • Liftgate and toolbox options
  • Aerodynamic add-ons

    The interior of a road trailer is shown. The walls are white and lined with e-track. The floor is wood and roof is aluminum.
    • Features HDPE “snap in” plastic between vertical logistic posts
    • 100.5 inch inside width
    • 53 foot length
    • Air suspension and ABS brakes
    • Features interior with plywood between vertical logistic posts
    • 110 inch inside height
    • 53 foot length
    • Air suspension and ABS brakes
    • Railgate